NZXT Phantom 240

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NZXT often presents high quality cases, all with attention to detail and many different features, Their Phantom series are one of the best when it comes to performance/features and now, a new product emerged alongside the other members of the Phantom family – Phantom 240.

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Gigabyte showed a new full tower case with innovative design and stylish look, with some serious cooling in mind as well. The case is part of Gigabyte’s new series Horus and is aimed at the performance/enthusiast PC builds.

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Cooler Master Hyper 103 – Test and Review


A few months ago, the guys from Cooler Master provided me a Hyper 103 test sample, which I was not able to test until now due to lack of a middle-class CPU. A test sample which looks pretty interesting and promising and I think it is about time to check what this little fellow has to offer and how it will perform.

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Antec GX500


Recently Antec announced a new entry-level case, aimed at the budget system builds. GX500 is low on price and filled with handy features suited for a good PC build without breaking the bank.

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Silverstone Tundra TD02 – Test and Review


Not long ago we tested the smaller version of Silverstone’s new AIO liquid CPU coolers – TD03 part of the Tundra series, that performed excellent and surprised us with exceptional build quality. Now we have the opportunity to test and review the TD02 – the bigger brother in terms of radiator size and probably cooling capabilities.

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Noctua NH-D15


Today, the widely respected guys from Noctua announced the much expected release of NH-D15, the replacement of one of the best air cooling solutions available on the market nowadays – NH-D14. With changes in design and airflow level, NH-D15 has all the right tools for claiming the throne of air CPU tower coolers.

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NZXT Sentry 3

Sentry 3.3

NXZT Sentry 3 is the new fan controller added to NZXT’s portfolio of products in the cooling segment. Like its predecessor (Sentry 2), Sentry 3 features touch screen, displaying important information along with multiple setting levels by a mere touch on the screen.

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Thermalright Silver Arrow IB-E – Test and Review


Back in December 2013, the guys from Thermalright granted me the chance to test and review one of the biggest and most effective coolers on the market – Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme, which after a series of tests performed outstandingly. Two months later a newer version was announced – Thermalright Silver Arrow IB-E. A cooler which I already have and is now ready to be reviewed and tested.

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Enermax ETS-N30


Yesterday Enermax announced a new CPU cooler, coming in two versions , aimed at the mini-ITX and micro-ATX system builds. While budget oriented the cooler features some of Enermax’s best technologies in cooling.

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Silverstone Precision PS10 Test and Review


A few days ago I received a case from the very respected company of Silverstone. This chassis is part of their Precision series line up, which I had the pleasure of reviewing not long ago. PS10 is a budget case and is said to have silent performance. Let’s test it!

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Arctic Accelero VGA Coolers


The majority of PC users that buy high-end GPU’s are very familiar with the VGA coolers made by Arctic. They really are a piece of solid cooling material, able to keep even the hottest cards out there to a more “healthy” temperature.

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[Worklog]: Project Black Water

Hello everybody, For the last few days I’ve decided to do a new project called Black Water. It will be a small modding project featuring the biggest and probably the best AIO water cooling from the SilverStone Tundra series – Tundra TD02 which was sponsored by SilverStone. The idea of the project is to improve […]

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